It’s official! I’m a Certified Personal Trainer!

When I started this blog about 3 months ago, I was just starting my studies for the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) Personal Trainer Certification. I’m ecstatic to announce that, after 3 months of studying and learning tons of new things, I’m officially a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)!


So I have my flashy, new certification, and some newly acquired knowledge… now what? Well, I’m far from being a guru, but I plan on continuing to expand my knowledge through new certifications, reading, and learning more so I can share with all of you!

I’ll be posting more about my personal training philosophy, policies, rates and everything else fairly soon. Also, keep an eye out for a review of the NESTA certification and exam (especially for those of you looking to get into personal training.)

I am taking suggestions on topics that you would like to read about – absolutely anything related to health and fitness, motivation, losing weight, etc. I ‘d be happy to address – and, if I don’t know the answer I WILL FIND OUT FOR YOU! 

Hit the comment box below with your suggestions and thanks for reading!

-Martin Arroyo, CPT



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